The Physio Rooms

Wickham Bishops

Mindfulness meditation

Our classes have a meditation component called Mindfulness. It is an awareness and a focus on the present moment which most of us lose especially if we lead busy lives 

It is a lovely technique which does not try to fix or change anything but allows a greater sense of the present. You can take this away from the classes and use it daily. 

This technique is recommended by many clinical psychologists and specialists, Feel free to have a read about it on the MIND (UK) website.


Pilates is a holistic body control movement exercise whereby you are using your core muscles to obtain stability in your spine. It is designed to strengthen, elongate and restore your body balance. 

The Pilates sessions we provide

  1. Improve whole body fitness
  2. Are adaptable to all fitness levels
  3. Encourage flexibility
  4. Improve strength
  5. Activates core muscles
  6. Teach posture correction